Scorpio Moon Sign: Personality & Compatibility


What is necessary and comforting to one person may be triggering to another person. Of course, feel free to break these rules. Going by one or two synastry aspects is never going to tell the whole story about your relationship. You can have the worst synastry with someone and, because you are both people willing to put the work into a relationship, have the best relationship. Here are a couple of synastry aspects to watch out for because they may flag a relationship that needs a lot more work. That can make finding a way to communicate very difficult. The same thing will apply the other way. For example, someone whose sun is in Capricorn and enjoys finding ways for groups of people to work together can feel frustrating for a Sagittarius moon, who prefers to drift off elsewhere. Pisces sun people can flabbergast an Aquarius moon person.

Moon Signs

Posted by Synthia L. Why so intense? The Moon is the most primal expression of Scorpio energy. People with this aspect cannot control and direct the Scorpio passions as a Scorpio sun can.

Aries moon: don’t date Taurus or Pisces sun. Taurus moon: don’t Sagittarius moon: don’t date Scorpio or Capricorn sun. Capricorn moon.

I know a thing or two about sun sign compatibility I wrote a book about it! The moon is a symbol of home, and whether you plan on spending the rest of your lives or one magical night together, understanding what makes someone feel respected and cared for is a critical aspect of connecting. Planning a date with someone based on their moon sign is one simple way to use astrology to show you care.

Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships. Aries moons want to be in charge…. Most of their shopping is done with impulse purchases, so if you put in the effort to pick out something special, they will be flattered and moved.

Any evening that ends with the two of you play-wrestling will be a night they remember. Ah, the most luxurious moon sign: Taurus moon wants to be seduced through the senses—think gourmet food, comfortable surroundings, and indulgent treats! Pay close attention to detail, since that is the type of thoughtfulness that turns Taurus moon on.

They also love nature, so maybe gift them a potted plant or take them to a hot spring. Begin wooing your Gemini moon crush before your date by texting them a lot!

Scorpio Moon Sign: Personality and Characteristics

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac wheel—and, as a Pisces rising sign myself, I like to think that the astrological gods saved the best for last. Those born between February 19 and March 20 are known to be highly empathetic, creative, and compassionate, with an optimistic approach to romance that can sometimes veer into fantasy territory.

Then, scroll down to find out how that moon sign impacts their typical Pisces traits. A creative revolutionary, in many cases.

Moon in Scorpio individuals are intimate with the shadowlands of the psyche. This familiarity with what’s hidden is a gift, but sometimes it feels like.

When it comes to astrology much is made of romantic compatibility, especially with sun signs. But humans are complex! As our queer forefather Walt Whitman, lover of Oscar Wilde, once said, we contain multitudes. And our charts contain multitudes! Your sun sign is only one part of you. When it comes to romantic and sexual partners, there are many other parts we should be paying attention to when it comes to overall energetic compatibility.

The moon, for example, governs your emotions, habits, and instincts. When it comes to relationships, this is important!

Scorpio moon in love

If your moon is in Scorpio, your sign embraces mystery and passion. Scorpio is an emotionally intense and psychic sign. Scorpio is intrigued and excited by all things dubbed as mysterious or magical. Passion is second nature to this moon sign and is something to be enjoyed once certain your partner is loyal. Scorpio moons have a very high energy level that practically has them gyrating.

If your moon sign is in Pisces, your deepest emotions take on the qualities of the Pisces Sun sign. If you have a Pisces moon sign in your natal chart, it means that when you were born, the Scorpio Moon Sign or Moon in the 8th House.

Capricorn moon celebrities. And with the holidays now done, we can harness all that Capricorn energy and start looking toward the new year—but first, we need to know what the December new moon means in astrology. Melodramatic people will avoid you they thrive on theatrics and therefore don’t want Capricorn Moon can help Taurus find motivation and ambition to bring their ideas to reality. Love and relationships are the major theme of May—and that might come as a surprise for you, Capricorn.

Do certain celebrities, politicians or public figures command your attention like no one else? You may have them work. In this Astrology career advice article, you will find some of the best jobs or career options that are ideal for men and women who were born under the Capricorn sign. Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. Just click on the celebrities of your choice to get their interactive natal chart, planetary dominants and excerpts of astrological portrait.

This may be a case of projection, as Capricorn Moon is more likely to seek validation from extra-marital affairs. If you were born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp, from December 18 to 24, you are a true visionary headed toward certain success!

Pisces Moon Sign

This is the oil and water combination which leaves no room for positive chemical reaction. In other words, Aries might not have any reason to find a connection with Pisces. They are not even one percent similar. It is possible that initially, Aries’ infatuation will chase Pisces. Pisces wants a partner who shows visible signs of interest and embarks on arranging the date. Meanwhile, Aries likes the idea of taking the first step in courting.

It is possible that initially, Aries’ infatuation will chase Pisces. Pisces wants a partner who shows visible signs of interest and embarks on arranging the date. Conversely, this should hint that the Pisces moon females are open to arguments​, but this does not mean that they will Moon in Taurus with Moon in Scorpio.

With a single click, you can find out your moon sign, rising sign, and more—but what does it all mean? Think of it like this: Your birth chart is like a snapshot of the cosmos at the exact moment you were born. Every planet and point has its own meaning that reveals something unique and special about yourself. Your moon sign is one of the most important parts of your chart to know.

When you know your moon sign, you can find or create spaces that feel like home, no matter where you are. Not sure what your moon sign is?

What Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Emotional Personality

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Scorpio moon express their powerful emotions with words. However, adult Scorpion moons have learned that most people simply can’t handle their intense​.

Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful. It can reveal your emotional, genetic and intuitive makeup. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon in Scorpio describes who you already are.

Born with the Moon in Scorpio, you are likely to be sensitive and loyal, but have intense emotional needs. Scorpio is a Water sign , which relates to the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life. You are likely to give the impression of being perceptive, powerful, and transformational. Read about the May Scorpio Super Moon here. Depending on other influences in your chart, you are also likely to be a passionate individual with a real capacity to connect on an emotional level.

You will seek intimacy in your relationships, and demand loyalty in return. The sensitivity and depth of your nature means you are likely to have intense reactions to emotional stimuli. Scorpio is not an easy place for the Moon to be.

Worst moon sign

Back to Moon Sign Compatibility. Read more about what it means to have the Moon in Pisces. Your instinctive emotional responses and emotional needs are so different that quite often you rub each other the wrong way or cause offense to one another unintentionally. Aries has an eager, active, take-charge attitude that is somewhat abrasive to Pisces, who is gentle, receptive, very sensitive, and rather passive.

The moon governs your emotions, habits, and instincts. Your moon is how you are emotional. Most Compatible: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces don’t always have to be in charge, planning every date and making every move.

Watery Scorpio Moon is like the deep, dark ocean full of wonders and terror. Watery Pisces Moon is like a meandering river that becomes a waterfall, crashing to Earth. Together, they are the force of life driven through all things. They are psychic, they are romantic, they are dreamy, and they are deep. They’re convinced that they’re soulmates from the beginning and they find each other no matter what happens. This is the kind of relationship that everyone wishes they had.

Scorpio Moon, who protects and cradles Pisces Moon’s heart, takes Pisces Moon away and walks into the sunset. Pisces Moon looks deeply and truly understands Scorpio Moon. These two need not say anything at all; they can simply look into each other’s eyes and know what the other is thinking or feeling. It may truly feel as if they have found their other half, and neither is going to let go.

This is who you should fall in love with, based on your moon sign

But now Venus is currently retrograde and your love life feels a little unstable. Scorpio is one of the most profound and mysterious signs of the zodiac, and a Scorpio in love can be a powerful and invested partner. Well, the physical part is always an important part of a relationship with Scorpio.

Capricorn or Scorpio Moon signs may pose a challenge, and while dating a Pisces could be nice, both your flirty and flighty similarities may equal just a fling.

An Aries Moon will always have a self-centered side, there is no way around it, they put themselves first. A Taurus Moon is going to have that stubbornness, this unyielding nature is going to be heavily focused on feelings and opinions! Gemini Moon is going to be scattered and has an inconsistency to them. Emotionally dependent on them will cause pain and let down.

Cancer Moon is emotional… always. Emotional biases, possessive behavior, and jealousy will be hard for them to avoid. The Leo Moon is a prideful person in their ego and emotions. That arrogance will show up now and again. Virgo Moon is going to be a complainer, stressful worrier, and their critical nature comes out in every day conversation. Scorpio Moon has to be in control, at least emotionally. Capricorn Moon is always going to have plenty of negative and critical thoughts.

No way to avoid the dark spilling sometimes.

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