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The Reston Groundwater Dating Laboratory

HCFCs are compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. Industry and the scientific community view certain chemicals within this class of compounds as acceptable temporary alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons. The HCFCs have shorter atmospheric lifetimes than CFCs and deliver less reactive chlorine to the stratosphere where the “ozone layer” is found.

CFCs are well mixed in the atmosphere and are a convenient way to date groundwater. However CFC concentrations are falling and therefore other methods.

CFCs are frquently used for dating young groundwater, see the project section for examples. Text is taken from: Cook, P. Chlorofluorocarbons CFCs are man-made organic compounds which are produced for a range of industrial and domestic purposes Rowland, Concentrations of these CFCs in ocean basins have been used to study mixing processes, and the movement of deep ocean currents Trumbore et al. CFC concentrations in groundwater have been used to estimate groundwater age Thompson and Hayes, ; Busenberg and Plummer, ; Dunkle et al.

Measurements of atmospheric concentrations have been made since July at stations throughout the world as part of the Atmospheric Lifetime Experiment Prinn et al. This is in strong contrast to the spatially variable nature of 3 H concentrations in rainfall. For CFCs, the atmospheric input to the ground-water can be known with a high degree of precision, even at remote sites.

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Solomon The mean transit time of groundwater is a fundamental and robust characteristic of a subsurface flow system. In unconfined aquifers, the mean groundwater transit time is related to 1 the volume of water stored in the aquifer and 2 the flux of water into or out of the aquifer. Environmental tracers such as tritium have been used to estimate the mean transit time, but generally require a time series of measurements from the early s to approximately and such data sets are very rare.

Precise groundwater dating using dissolved gases such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCs has become relatively common.

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Involving some 10, South Korean and 8, American troops, the computerized command post exercise, called Key Resolve, began on March 2 to improve the combined forces’ operation and combat capabilities to deter threats from North Korea. Seoul and Washington finished the first phase of the exercise on March 5, one day ahead of schedule, with the second phase to be closed later in the day after the after-action review, according to Seoul’s defense ministry officials.

The CFC commander, Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, was quoted by the CFC as saying that it is important “to maintain our high levels of proficiency on key tasks in different scenarios” for the allies’ readiness and to sustain and strengthen the alliance. Seoul’s defense ministry official also said, on customary condition of anonymity, that the exercise “based upon various scenarios on the assumption of North Korea’s infiltration into the South provided troops of the two nations with chances to have real-life experiences.

Another official said the two sides also implemented their customized deterrence plan against Pyongyang’s nuclear threats and weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile, the joint field training drill Foal Eagle has been taking place as scheduled to run until April 24, according to officials. The tactical training that mobilizes about , Korean and 3, American troops kicked off on March 2 and has involved a set of land, sea and air maneuvers.

Five countries — Australia, Canada, Denmark, France and Britain — have participated in the exercises, with the Neutral Supervisory Commission observing and monitoring them to ensure they do not break the Armistice Agreement signed at the end of the Korean War. The large-scale annual exercises have further heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. On the first day of the exercises, North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the East Sea in an apparent saber-rattling.

Repeating its long-held claims that the exercises are “dress rehearsals” for a northward invasion with nuclear weapons, the North has issued near-daily threats of harsh retaliation against “hostile” forces.

HydroTraP – Methods

Several isotope and tracer methods exist for the determination of water residence times back to the s. Among them are:. It is recommended to apply at least two of the mentioned methods together, in order to increase the reliability of the results and possibly to quantify mixing processes. The 3 H- 3 He and CFC methods have proven valuable to determine mean groundwater residence times and recharge rates e.

Cook und Solomon, The SF 6 method closes the dating gap for young waters that that has been created by the end of the atmospheric increase of the CFCs.

CFCs and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) are particularly useful for dating groundwaters less than years old. Water extracted from a borehole or flowing from a.

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(LEAD) S. Korea, U.S. wrap up joint Key Resolve exercise

Can any good come from the atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs that happened in the s? How about from man-made chlorofluorocarbons CFCs that have depleted our atmosphere’s thin, protective UV-radiation barrier commonly known as the ozone layer? Contrary to common sense, man-made atmospheric gases produced since the s may actually be helping hydrologists age-date water from wells, springs, and from deep inside the earth. In , Thomas Midgley, Jr. Since people in warmer climates wanted ice in the summer, CFCs were a big hit in the refrigeration industry because CFCs were a safer and more effective alternative to the widely-used and poisonous ammonia.

It was not until the s that scientists discovered that CFCs were destroying the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere.

The CFC’s team has had to pivot quickly to create new online programming to support their young charges and provide age appropriate education and.

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Their findings provide clues for how to make better and faster-acting versions of these drugs. Rockefeller’s Li Zhao has been named a Vallee Scholar for her research on how novel genes arise.

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Methods for using argon to age-date groundwater using ultra-low-background proportional counting. Argon can be used as a tracer for age-dating glaciers, oceans, and more recently, groundwater. With a half-life of years, 39Ar fills an intermediate age range gap , years not currently covered by other common groundwater tracers. Therefore, adding this tracer to the data suite for groundwater studies provides an important tool for improving our understanding of groundwater systems.

We present the methods employed for arriving at an age-date for a given sample of argon degassed from groundwater. Degradation of sucralose in groundwater and implications for age dating contaminated groundwater.

Chlorofluorocarbons, 3W3He and %r are tracers of atmospheric origin that can be used to date groundwater over periods from 0 to 40 years. In suitable aquifers​.

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Ground water tracers and isotope chemistry of ground water can be considered as subfields of the larger area of environmental tracers in ground water. Environmental tracers are simply chemical or isotopic solutes that are found in ground water as a result of ambient conditions rather than the deliberate activity of a researcher.

The CFC age-dating technique has been reported to give reliable results in a number of aquifers, but contamination of groundwater with CFCs.

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Automatic identification and data capture AIDC means any technology that conveys the unique device identifier or the device identifier of a device in a form that can be entered into an electronic patient record or other computer system via an automated process.

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Abstract:Based on a sediment vibro corer, a tool for the sampling of sub-seafloor groundwater aquifershas been developed and successfully deployed in a coastal area of the western Baltic. Thedevice was designed to obtain pure groundwater samples from coarse sediments to be used fortracer investigations and CFC age dating. Operated from a medium size research vessel, a well pipe tipped with a filter segment isvibrated into the sediment down to the aquifer.

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Environmental tracers and groundwater dating

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R12(CFC). R12 refrigerant becomes subject to a market ban Any existing equipment that develops a fault after this date will be unable to be.

Plummer, E. Busenberg, S. Drenkard, P. Schlosser , B. Ekwurzel, R. Weppernig, J. McConnell, R. In dating the young fraction of mixtures using CFCs, it is necessary to reconstruct the CFC concentration that was in the young fraction prior to mixing. CFC persists in both SO 4 -reducing and methanogenic water. The very low detection limits for CFCs approximately 0. Few domestic and municipal supply wells sampled intercept water younger than 5 a.

Calculated velocities of river water in the Upper Floridan aquifer downgradient of the sinkhole area range from 0.

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